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Past Trips, UK 2007 two


May 28th to 30th

Thirsk Racecourse Caravan Club Site
Thirsk Racecourse Caravan Club Site 
Thirsk, Yorkshire, YO7 1QL

Two nights at Thirsk Racecourse with the twins, Monday and Tuesday of the half term holidays. Weather was poor but the girls had a good time and we had walks into town to feed the ducks.

Thirsk Racecourse Caravan Club SiteThirsk

On Tuesday afternoon I noticed a scratch mark close to the bottom hinge of the accommodation door (if that's what it's called), on investigation I found that the hinge pin had sheared. I removed the other hinge pines and removed the door so I could get at the sized pin. I had to leave Dot and the twins to mind the van with no door on, while I went into town to get parts. Got a coach bolt and nuts from a hardware shop in Thirsk (35p) and bodged up the hinge, it should do until we get back from our trip to Germany that we are starting at the weekend.


July 14th to 18th

Nicole, Tim and the Twins together with Tim's Parents, Jim and Jean had booked a week at Primrose Valley Holiday Park, Filey, so we booked a few days on a site close by, so we could visit.

Orchard Farm Holiday Village

Orchard Farm Holiday Village 
Hunmanby, Filey, Yorkshire, YO14 0PU 
Web Site

Saturday 14th

Things started to go wrong as soon as we setoff, we got a phone call from Nicole, asking if we could turn around and come for the girls (Jim and Jean had setoff some time before us).  Nicole had been to the Doctors with double vision the day before and the hospital had just phoned and asked her to come in, the intention was for us the take the girls and they would catch up with us later.

Next the sat nav stopped working again, I had installed a new system since out Germany trip where it initially went wrong, so we had to stop and get the maps out again, anyway we found our way ok.  We went straight to Primrose Valley to drop the girls but their mobile home was not ready so we took them to find our site and have some lunch.  After lunch I dropped Dot and the twins back at Primrose Valley and then went back to setup the van for the night, before heading back down for Dot on the scooter.   Only the scooter battery was flat, I jumped it off with the booster pack ok but I was a bit worried it would not start to get us back.

The news from the hospital was not good, they needed to keep Nicole in overnight for observation, if fact it would be Monday before they would eventually let her out.  Tim came that night to bring the rest of their things but went back to Nicole first thing in the morning.

Later when we got back to the site (the scooter had started ok with the kick-start), Dot and I went over to our site clubhouse for a nightcap.

Sunday 15th

We went back down to to Primrose Valley on the scooter for the day, to help look after the girls we went in the excellent pool complex, had burgers at Burger King, went to the playground and we even went to the children's evening-time entertainment in the kids club.

Ready for a night out

When we got back to the campsite, our clubhouse was closed, so we had a drink in the van.

Monday 16th

Back at Primrose Valley, we only went for a walk and ended up on the beach for the day, only the girls were not dressed for it, but how do we stop them.

Gran and Granddads scooter

They discovered that, if they threw their shoes into the stream, they would float out to sea and you would have to run very fast to catch them.

Floating shoesFiley

Nicole and Tim eventually arrived in the evening. The girls were so pleased to see them and went a bit mad.

Il est en bas de la routeLà où est la bibliothèque

Tuesday 17th

With Nicole and Tim back with the Girls, Dot and I used the free morning to have a walk round the small town of Hunmanby. I t is quite a nice place and in different circumstances, I think we would have spent more time there.  Anyway the skies went very dark so we headed back to the van just in time before the rain.

With the wet weather and with the intention of having a few beers that night, Tim came to collect us in the car and we would get a Taxi back on the night.  This arrangement also let me get the scooter back on the rackm ready for the off tomorrow.

We all spent most of the rest of day at the fairground at Primrose Valley and we ate in the cafe at tea time.

Train Primrose ValleySlide Primrose Valley

Wednesday 18th

There was a Cloud burst just before we set off for home, some roads were blocked by floods and had to go home via a different, much longer route.  The others had no more incidents for the rest of their holiday and the girls had a really good time.


July 21st to 25th

Like I said last year, we like to visit Hawes about ones a year.

Brown Moor, Caravan Club Site.

Brown Moor, Caravan Club Site. 
Brunt Acres Rd, Hawes, DL8 3PS

21st July

The girls arrived back from Filey just in time for us to pick them up to go the Hawes.  By the time we arrive there wasn't much time to do anything.

22nd July

Did what we usually do when we come to Hawes, walked into town, girls played in the park. looked in the shops had some chips (fries) and wandered back to the campsite.

In the afternoon back on the site, the sun was shining and we got the new swing ball out (I thing we had, had it for months but this was the first time we remembered to bring it), I think the football was the best for the girls as they are not that good with the rackets yet.

Hawes 2007Swingball, Hawes 2007

That evening when Georgia was asleep me and Emily had a walk around the campsite in the dusk, looking at the dozens of rabbits that had suddenly popped up all over the place, Emily tried to catch that but she had no chance they are much too quick.

23rd July

Much the same as yesterday only first we set up the two man tent for the girls to pay in and also keep all their toys in at night.  After the obligatory hour or so at the playground in town, we had a nice picnic lunch before retuning to the playground.

Play Tent, Hawes 2007Picnic, Hawes 2007

Because Emily had been out with the rabbits the night before, I had to take Georgia round the site tonight.

24th July

On our last day we explored the countryside, no toys, no playgrounds just grass, rivers, streams, old bridges and lots of energy.

Bridge just outside Hawes, 2007Bridge just outside Hawes

The girls discovered the ancient pastime of throwing stones into rivers and then skipping them over the river to the other side.

Long Grass, Hawes 2007River Fun, Hawes 2007

I think the girls enjoyed themselves more that day, than other day we have had together, the best things in life may be free after all.

Yorkshire DalesBig Plants

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