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Past Trips, UK 2008 York

Three trips to York in 2008 (about usual).

March 13th to 16th

When we got back from Keswick, as Dot was still off work for another week, I checked out the CC website for late availability and was astounded to find the there was room on the York site, so booked in immediately.

Rowntree Park, Caravan Club Site
Terry Avenue, York, Yorkshire, YO23 1JQ

March 13th

Got settled in and then walked into the centre, along the river and it was very high but not high enough to close the pub.  We had a good look round (we do come to York all the time but there is always so much to see, epically if you remember to look up).

Looking for photo opportunities I came across the stonemasons yard for the Minster.  The Minster must be like my Dad's old hammer, it was fifty years old and had only had four new handles and two new heads.

After our walk and some extensive shopping, we made our way to the Kings Arms, for a couple of pints of Sam Smiths.  The river level was still very high, the jetties used by the pleasure boats were under water but we were informed that levels were on the way down.

We sat near a young couple from the Dewsbury area, who were here for the day, they had come on the train and would get the last one home tonight, for those that live near the main line, this is a very good idea.

I heard the guy sat behind me on the phone, explaining that he was at the bus stop waiting for a bus and that it would probably be another hour before he got home, when I turned to look he still had a full pint.

We had a couple more beers before setting off back to the site and some food.

14th March

Set off for a walk along the north side river, towards the race course, It was bitterly cold but the sun was out and we were well wrapped up. We walked through Rowntree park to the Millennium Bridge, where we stopped for photos, before heading out of town.

We passed the marina (boats tied up), where the path disappeared and we were walking across fields, the path was marked though. We continued on until we though we were just getting too far from town and headed back for lunch.

Back at the Millennium Bridge we crossed over the river took some more photos, and walked back towards town on that side, we would then cross back over at the next bridge and go back to the site for food.

Well that didn't work, when we got to the bridge Dot said, as we were already in town we should get something to eat there and stay out, because if we did go back to the van we might be to too tired and not want to go back out again.  So I agreed with her, took some more photos, this time of the Blue Bridge over the river Foss at its confluence with the Ouse, and headed into town passed Clifford's Tower of a sandwich.

After our sandwiches, Dot eventually got me to agree to go on the Yorkshire Eye (the big wheel), she had been asking for months and I have always put it off but I gave in this time.  So we set off the long way through town to the railway museum and the Yorkshire Eye.  It cost £6.00 each for the ride and you had to walk through the museum to get to the eye.  There were no queues but we had to wait while the previous ride finished but that was only about ten mins.  Just as the wheel started Dot noticed a mobile phone on the seat next to her and then it started to ring, it was the people who were on the ride before us, we agreed to bring it off for them.  However when our gondola got back to the bottom, the wheel stopped and the attendant retrieved the phone.

After putting it off for so long, it was quite an enjoyable ride, with good views of the Minster and York train station, although there is not much else to see. In the distance you could make out the huge power stations of Drax and Ferrybridge but not very well as it was a hazy day.

When we got off the eye, we though It would be a good idea to look around the museum, even though it wasn't long ago we were last there and there is usually something new to see.

But about half way round the second part of the museum, we were beginning to lose interest, were too tired for all this and instead started on the trek back to the Kings Arms, for a rest and a beer.

After popping into a small but well stocked shop for ingredients for supper (I also got some bottled beers I hadn't had before), we walked slowly back along the river, where I took some bridge photos and some of the pub. We had several beers with some people from the site before we headed back to the van, thoroughly worn-out, we had done a bit too much walking for one day.

15th March

Even though we had done too much walking the day before we set off to walk along the top of the old city walls, done it before and will probably do it again.

The good thing about walking round the walls is that, if you get bored or tired or the weather changes, you can just come down and you are still fairly central to do something else.


We did only walk as far as Lendal Bridge but in my opinion, this is the best bit of the wall to walk anyway. We crossed over Lendal bridge and walked round the botanical gardens, out the other side and then back along the river to the campsite for lunch and to watch England v Ireland in the six nations rugby, we won for a change.

Later that afternoon we set off into town again but this time to watch the Boro play Arsenal, it was on Setanta Sport, so we could not get it on our satellite, we did see it was on in a pub not too far from the site.  When we got to the pub, just in time for the kick off, it was very full and we could only see the Wales v France rugby mach on he big screen.  So we gave in and went to the Kink Arms instead, I did look inside several other pubs but they all had the rugby on not the football. After a couple of beers we setoff back to the site but looked back in the other pub just in case.  Well it was just coming up to half time and it was on and we were wining 0 - 1.  The Football was on one large screen, the Rugby Union was on another and the Rugby League on a another, it was a madhouse in there.  Arsenal managed to get one back with about three mins to go, but that's better than nothing.

16th March

Popped into the shopping outlet, just off the A16 and A64, Your Designer Outlet, used to be Mcarthur Glenn, spent too much then headed home.  Had to make a detour at Thirsk for fuel from Tesco's, by now though it was raining so we just when home.

October 12th to 15th

October 12th

Second visit to York this year, got set up and headed into town, it was a nice warm day and there were crowds of people drinking outside the King's. The Red Boats were also out in force and doing very well by the look.

River BoatsScarborough Bridge

Josh our nephew was starting university today and Mick and Bren where down to get him settled in, we phoned them to see where they where and they were just around the corner from us.  We met up and Jen was with them, they were shopping round for a power lead for Josh's computer, he had left his at home.  We soon had to say goodbye as they only had parking for a short while but we walked back to the car park with them.   

Yorkshire Eye, York   South Esplanade, York 2008

After our walk we did what we usually do, we went to the King's for a beer, it was still very full but we got a seat inside as it was cooling down.   When we left there were still people sat outside drinking.

The PubEvening Beers

Don't know how many times I have mentioned this but every time we are walking back to the van, I try to take a night photos from Skeldergate Bridge.   Most do not work out, these are not too bad.

Hotel ReflectionRiver Ouse

October 13th

Something we hadn't done for a while was to walk the city walls, all the way round and as it was nice and sunny again, that's what we decided to do.  It took about two and a half hours to get all the way round but we did venture into the centre at one point  to have a quick look in the shops and I got a new tripod for the camera.

For the full story of the walk click on the link below.

York City Walls, Approximately 2.8 mile or 4.5 kilometers.

Walking York City Walls.

As we approached the end of the wall, we heard a car horn sounding and some shouting from the road below, being inquisitive (nosy), we looked over to find Josh had just had a near miss with a car on a pedestrian crossing.  Josh had right of way (the green man was lit), the car mustn't have seen the lights or was on the phone or something.  Anyway we shouted down to josh and he crossed back over to meet us, after ribbing him for a while about looking before you cross the road, we directed him in the right direction for the city centre.

So we had finished the walk, what could we do next, I know, beer, and where, where else, the Kinks Arms and a nice pint (or two) of Sam Smith's bitter.
It was even a nice walk back to the van, the sun was still shining, the trees were glowing in their autumn colours and it was all reflected in the mirror smooth river Ouse, life doesn't get much better.

October 14th

Much cooler and damp today but we decided we would have a walk upstream along the river anyway, it was something we hadn't done before.

For the full story of the walk click on the link below.

York (Ouse North), October 2008. Approximately 4.0 mile or 6.5 kilometres

As usual after a long walk in York we ended up in the Kings, before heading back for supper.

October 15th

Off home today but we were up early so we could make a stop at Knaresborough, for a look around and lunch (and maybe some exotic beer from the great beer shop there).

The first thing we had to do was find somewhere to park the van, we usually park on the street but we usually go there in the car.  We found a space in the car park down by the river and set off along the river towards the railway viaduct. 

 River Nidd in KnaresboroughRowing boats under the Viaduct

After a short walk we headed up into town and got some more food to go with our picnic lunch, we also bought a wigwam for a present for Will, we had seen it when we were there a couple of weeks before.

No luck on the beer front though and it was very busy, it was market day.

We sat in the castle grounds, overlooking the river and viaduct for the picnic, you do not get views like this for a picnic every day.  I say castle grounds as there is not much remaining of what must have been a magnificent building but it was dismantled in 1648 because of an order from Parliament.  It had been on the wrong side during the civil war, now many town centre buildings are built with stone from the castle.  Two ladies having their lunch next to us were jealous of me tacking photos, as they had forgot to bring their camera with them.

We walked back to the car park via the railway station, you have to walk across the rails and you can look over the viaduct, not something you get to do every day.

Knaresborough Railway Station

November 23rd to 26th

November 23rd

There was a light covering of snow on the van and roads when we got up but we decided we would go to York anyway and the forecast was for it all to melt away before lunch time.

The forecast was right and the roads were all clear, so there was no problems getting there. Got settled in had lunch and set off for the shops, it was still very cold though. I suppose the first thing we noticed was that the Yorkshire Eye had gone, now the Minster had its place back as the main attraction on the skyline.

The festive trappings were all very nice, the Christmas lights were very pretty, we had a good wander round soaking it all in.

There was also an temporary ice rink over by the museum.  So we went to have a look, youg Ralph builds these rinks as a job.

But it was cold, even so we still didn't get to the pub until later than we usually do and it was heaving (full), amazingly we got a good seat near the roaring fire, perfect.


November 24th

Not quite a cold today, so decided we would leave the Christmas shopping for a day and see where the river Foss flows through the city. We made a picnic and set off for the Foss, we actually took the long way to get there vie the millennium bridge.

For the full story of the walk click on the link below.

York, Ouse and Foss, Approximately 3 mile or 4.7 kilometres

With our exploitation of the Foss over we looked in the new Morrison's supermarket mainly for a warm and to use the toilets.  But we actually ended up doing some sopping, getting Christmas cards and some beers.

By now it was very cold indeed and all we could do was retire to the pub but not the usual one, close by was the Brigadier Gerrard, another Sam Smith's outlet.  We had used this pub many years ago and found it to be quite nice but now it was slightly rundown and had an odd clientele, that can be a problem with these cut price pubs.

So we had one beer and walked back to the Kings but we had to pass trough the centre, so did a bit more shopping on the way.  In the kings we had a chat with some of the locals, people who are usually in there whenever we visit.  The girl behind the bar also knows our order but as I had said I might try the stout she was waiting for me to order before pouring them, so I had one for a change.

November 25th

Cold but sunny today, we had to finish some Christmas shopping but as it was fine, we walked the long way into the centre around the base of the wall, in the same direction as we had walk along the top last month. We walked as far as far as Micklegate Bar before heading into the sops, we passed another Sam Smith's pub and I had a quick look in to see what it was like but it looked like we had too many teeth to drink there. We could also got to see the some of the city gates (Bars) we had passed over on out wall walk in October.

Anyway you know the rest of this story, we got the shopping we needed and went to the Kings for beer, tomorrow the van will be parked up until the new year, see you all then, probably back here in York.

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