Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Bonfire Night 2014

As we have done for a few years, we booked into our local campsite, Stockton, for a couple of nights for Bonfire Night.  It saves messing with the traffic.

Stockton, White Water Park Caravan Club Site, 4th to the 5th November

Well the girls were off school and as we had them the day before Bonfire Night we booked onto the White Water Park Caravan Club Site at Stockton.  Nicole would pick the girls up after the fireworks on the 5th.

Day one, Tuesday 4th Nov 2014

As we had the girl the night before we just got the van ready and set off to Stockton. Booked in then pitched up on the grass near the entrance and toilets.

After the girls had played for a while we called them back and wandered off too ASDA to get some shopping (sweets and cake).

Day two, Wednesday 5th Nov 2014, Bonfire Night

The weather was better today, so we managed to get the girls out for a short walk. We did not get far, just around the white water park, where we watched the police practice river rescues.

Then we went for a drink in the The Talpore (I only had lemonade), where the girls played outside in the play garden.

Then over there

That evening there was only the four of us, so we walked over to the bridge with hundreds of others to watch the firework display.

Last night

Nicole waited until late before she came for the girls, then about half an hour after that Dot and me headed home. Dot was at work the next day and it made sense to head home now rather then wait until the morning.

The van handled rather badly on the way home and next day I found a rear tier down and knackered.

I had to get a new one, great news as they were fairly new.

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