Saturday, 20 December 2014

Last trip 2014

Well we just had our last trip of the year to York, will have to see if we can get away a bit more next year.

York 14th to the 16th of December.

Day one, Sunday 14th Dec 2014

When we arrived, work was still on going changing the site but there wasn't much noise, in fact not much seemed to have changed in the last month. Anyway we got a good large pitch, set up and then set off into town.

I had been ill on Thursday night and wasn't feeling too good at all but I wasn't going to let that get in the way.  After a quick look around we got a pasty from Greggs for lunch and then we had a good look around the Christmas Market in Parliament Street.  After a while I needed to sit down for a bit, so I had a sit in Kings Square while Dot had a look around the Shambles.

A bit later we had to go for a proper sit down and went into the Cross Keys for a drink. The gents toilets are upstairs, not unusual but in these toilets, where three lads, sat on the window ledge, with their beers and smoking cigarettes by an open window.

St Austell (Nicholson's), Saint Nich's, England

Very strange, we only stopped in there long enough for a rest and then set off shopping again.

Eventually we made our way to the Postern Gate, where we had our tea, before heading back to the van for an early night.

Day two, Monday 15th Dec 2014

It was as late as the day before and after dinner when we eventually set off shopping.  We headed through the town to Morrisons on the inner ring road, where Dot wanted to get something for Christmas.  We also got some stamps in there, my god they cost an arm and a leg and then we headed back into the centre.

We did do all of the shops and I did feel slightly better than yesterday.

York in December

We even had to go to the post office for more stamps but it was very full, so we just left it, although we did post the ones with stamps on.

Latter on, as it was Monday it was half price meals in the Slug and Lettuce, so we headed there for tea.  Even though the meals were half price, the price of the beer is 40% more than the Kings Arms, just below.  So we headed there for a last drink before going back to the van.   The Kings seemed to be under new management and was practically empty, not seen it like this for many years now.  The beer was nice though.

Day three, Tuesday 16th Dec 2014

Well we had to be away fairly early, as Dot had to go and get a tooth out, but a phone call last night meant that we had to be away first thing. Emily was not feeling well and we had to rush home to look after her.

In the end she had tonsillitis but that is another story, so this is the end of our trips for another year, see you after Christmas in the new year.

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