Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Stratford day out to London

One day from our trip to Stratford on Avon, the day out to London.

Day four, Tuesday 21th Sep 2014

Well today is the day we are off to London, so it was up early to get ready and get over for the taxi at reception. The taxi was waiting for us when we arrived and we where soon at the station, very early but at least we were there. It was cold so we sat in the warmer reception and had a cup of tea, while we waited. The train arrived early and we didn't think it was ours, as it was on the wrong platform but in the end we got on anyway.

Stratford-upon-Avon Station Stratford-upon-Avon Station

It was rather a long journey and we set off in the wrong direction to start with, then towards the end of the ride, the train got to be very crowded. We did have seats together for the whole ride though.

Marylebone Station

In Marylebone Station station we headed down to the underground and hopped on a tube towards the river but we got off at Lester Square. We had all the tickets we needed for this trip (underground, bus and boat), that we had got from Tesco as part of their rewards scheme.

Nelson's Column Hahn/Cock

From Lester Square we walked along Whitehall towards the Palace of Westminster. The Mall was closed as some visitor had just gone off to Buckingham Palace but there was nothing left to see. We passed all of the posh places along the way, Horse Guards, 10 Downing Street, The Cenotaph, the Cabinet War Rooms, etc.

Entrance to Downing Street Downing Street

We eventually got to the Houses of Parliament, and had a look around from the outside, we also walked onto Westminster Bridge to take photos of it and also the London Eye. We then went back to opposite Houses of Parliament and got some food from a takeaway.

Palace of Westminster The London Eye

As we had tickets for the river boat, we wandered down to the ferry next to Westminster Bridge and got straight on.  Then it was off for a river trip.  There was quite a lot to see just from the river, there were even things I wasn't expecting.

Tattershall Castle (1934) Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast

When we got to Tower bride we continued on with the boat ride down to Greenwich, witch while it was good, we could probably have done without.  Although we did see stuff we would not have, we did wast a lot of time.  I got a photo of the mockup of the Globe Theatre, we had a lot to do with Shakespeare this week.

Cutty Sark (1869) The Globe Theatre, London

On the way back I did get photos of the many bridges over the Thames, as the sun was shining the right way, to get pictures from back of the boat.

Southwark Bridge 1921

By the time we got off the boat there wasn't a lot of time to get the bus for a look around. But we did that anyway. Unfortunately just after the beginning we had to change buses, as the one we were on was going off shift. The next but took ages before it set off and when it did we had to get off at Marble Arch and wander back to our train station.  It was very dark by now anyway.

We had a drink in a pub close to the train station then wandered over to catch the train back to Stratford.

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