Saturday, 16 July 2011

Hawes, Day five

The previous day, the bus had gone though the village of Gayle and there was a Mill, Bridge, Ford and Waterfall, there. Gayle was only half a mile out of Hawes and there was a footpath to it behind the church. I was feeling slightly better and it wasn't raining, so a walk to Gayle was a plan.

Well as soon as we started walking, it started raining again but it wasn't heavy. We had a look into the the Dales Countryside Museum and took a couple of photos of the train and bridge but it had stopped raining so we continued with our walk and gave the rope works a miss for today.

British Railways Class G5 0-4-4T, 67345

There is an alleyway just passed the church where the one way system ends, that leads to where the footpath starts. The path is paved all the way to the main road just as it enters Gayle, two chinook helicopters flew over as we walked, something you do not see very often.


Besides the aforementioned Mill, Bridge, Ford and Waterfall, there is very little else there and the mill only opens twice a week for visits.

FordGayle Bridge

It is quite a nice walk though and there are some very good sights and views from the village.

DalesGayle BeckGayle Mill

We walked back to Hawes via the road and even popped into the creamery again, mainly to get cover from a short shower and use the toilets. Dot also got a nice ice cream.

Feelin better there was only one thing to do next, especially on our last day, pub. We went back to the Crown and sat out in the sun but that didn't last long and we only just got inside before there was a rain storm. The pub soon filled with very wet holidaymakers.

After a second beer we moved to the Fountain and unbelievably, ended up outside in the sun again. We moved there as the Southern Comfort was on offer and Dot fancied one, or two. As we were ready to leave, we got talking to another couple and ended up having a couple more drinks than we intended.

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