Friday, 15 July 2011

Hawes, Day four

If we had not paid for this bus tip I would not have gone but as we had paid, I made the effort and full of tablets, I hoped I would not need the toilet. It was raining as we made our way into town for the bus but we had waterproofs and big umbrellas. The bus was on time, a fourteen seatter, with Dot and I and ten old lades, off to the market. What an horrendous bus ride with a bad tummy, we went down bumpy narrow roads that I would have never considered in the van and it took an hour.

We had quick look around the market and the charity shops, I needed a cowboy hat and boots for a fancy dress party, got a hat off the market and boots from a charity shop, result.

Then we walked down to the Leeds to Liverpool canal to have our picnic, luckily the weather was fine for now.


After lunch we walked along the towpath of, Springs Branch off the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, to a spot below Skipton castle, with the canal on one side and the river on the other side. Then the havens opened, thankfully we had the big umbrellas and we made our way back to the shops for shelter.

TowpathSkipton Castle

Although by the time we got back to the shops, the sun was shining again. After another better look in the shops it was soon time for the bus back and again the journey was terrible on the tummy.

Off the bus it was straight in the pub for a beer, then sat drinking it in the now nice sun, I discovered I had left my new cowboy hat on the bus. Luckily the bus was due back through the town later. When it did I got up to flag it down but it pulled over anyway, so I ran over and retrieved my hat.

After another beer, it was obvious that I was still not well, so we headed back to the van for an early night.

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