Sunday, 10 July 2011

Wild Rose, Appleby-in-Westmorland, Day two

The forecast was for the weather to deteriorate over the next couple of days and as the sun was shining, we set off for the long walk into Appleby. It is a long and relatively difficult 3.5 mile walk along the public footpaths into Appleby, or you can walk vie the main road but that is also 3.5 miles. We had done the walk before so knew the way and knew to have the right footwear.  The walk is documented here.


The walk in was uneventful if a bit chilly at times, and we had our picnic near the pedestrian bridge over the river, on the edge of town, before heading in.


As we did the last few hundred yards to the main street it started to rain and we had to go into the first pub for shelter. We had two new beers before moving on, when a very noisy, foul mothed and irritating local woman made it very unpleasant in there. It was still raining so we just moved to anther pub over the road, nothing new in there but good beers none the less. Then that woman came in and not just me and Dot left this time but also several of the locals in there, drank up and went.

The walk back was very unpleasant, it started raining harder and it was very muddy, by the time we got back we were soaked through.  Back at the van though the sun came out, wouldn't you just know that would happen.  I discovered a large blister on my left heal, very unusual.

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