Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Wild Rose, Appleby-in-Westmorland, The Drive Home

Every time we drive to and from the Lakes along the A66, we say look there's a castle at Brough but we never stop and go and have a look. Well this time we did.

We flowed the sighs for the castle and parked in the small car park there. It's only a short walk to the castle but the weather couldn't make it's mind up as to whether it was going to rain or not. It was free entree (make a change). Brough is a medieval Castle built inside the ruins of a Roman fort of Verteris. It was hard to get a good photo partly because of the weather and partly because the best view, is from the A66.

Medieval Brough CastleMedieval Brough Castle

Next we thought we would stop at Barnard Castle, for lunch and do a bit of shopping but when we got there it was market day. It's hard enough to get a parking space on a normal day and it was impossible today, so we drove straight through.

We eventually stopped for a picnic lunch at Locomotion, part of the National Railway Museum, in Shildon. We had only been a few week previous but it is well worth a visit.

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