Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Wild Rose, Appleby-in-Westmorland, Day four

It was sunny so we decided to walk into Appleby again, only, along the main road this time, for a change. My feet were feeling better and I didn't use my walking shoes, settling for softer trainers. Outside the campsite there is a footpath that cuts a corner off the first part of the walk but it is very overgrown in parts.


It was very warm and walking the road and it seemed longer, although it wasn't. It was nice to see the castle appear in the distance though (shame there was scaffolding all around it though), signaling we were almost there.

Appleby Castle

On arrival in the town, we were going to walk along the river to the chippy for lunch but then realised the time and headed stright there. We made it just in time and had our lunch in the sun by the river. The temporary ramp was still in position down to the river, where during the horse fair, horses are are led down it to be washed.

After lunch we did the short walk along the river, then had a look in the shops, I even got an unusual beer glass from a charity shop. Then we popped into the Tourist Information, to ask about transport back to the campsite. There is no public transport but we did get the phone numbers for a couple of taxis.

It was still very warm, so we had to sit outside a pub and have a couple of beers, while we got sunburned.


We set off to walk back via the footpath but my feet were hurting so we stopped at the first pub we came to (the last pub on the way back).  I phoned the numbers we got from the Tourist Information but in my opinion they were too expensive. So after another couple of beers (still a lot cheaper than the taxi) and a sit in the sun, I gritted my teeth and we walked back to the site.

Beer in the sun

On the walk back, we caught sight of a Red Squirrel as it ran across the footpath and up a tree, something you do not see every day.  It was a lot drier that the walk back two days earlier.

Red Squirrel

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