Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hawes, Day one

Obviously we do not drive a lot on Sundays, because I haven't seen so many motorbikes on the road sine my last trip to the IOM.  Arrived in Hawes about half twelve and had to queue for a long time to get in, some due to poor organisation and a few thoughtless caravaners.

Brown Moor, Caravan Club Site.

Brown Moor, Caravan Club Site. 
Brunt Acres Rd, Hawes, DL8 3PS 

As it was very sunny, we had a sandwich lunch and just sat in the sun, something we haven't done much this year. I set up the satellite but it took ages, second time in a row I have had problems setting up and getting a signal. Then when we had had enough sun, about five, we wandered into town for a beer.

One of the pubs has closed since our last visit but there was still enough to go round. The high street was still very busy, lots of bikers and day trippers about, we chose the pub furthest from the site for our first beer, so we could slowly make our way back. As the beer was good and we had a good seat outside in the sun watching the world go by, we didn't have a beer, we had three. We missed out the next pub (there was nobody serving) but had another one outside the third pub before we made our way back for supper.


Back at the site we had a pre-prepared supper, a Sunday dinner with puds and stuff, and settled down to watch TV. Just before we went to bed I noticed that the van 12v system wasn't working and the leisure battery was just about flat but that would have to wait until tomorrow.

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