Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hawes, Day two

It was sunny again so as Dot sat in the sun, I messed with the 12v system all morning but I think it has had it. I did get even more sunburnt while I was fiddling with it though.

When the sun went in, Dot made a picnic and we set off for a walk. We set off across the fields (it was a public footpath) to Hardraw Force a waterfall, reputedly the highest single drop in England. We got off to good start with a shortcut that got us on the wrong side of the river, so we had to retrace our steps. Back on the proper path, it was a relatively short, easy walk to Hardraw and the Green Dragon pub. More on the walk route to come later.


I mention the pub, as you have to pass through it an pay in there for admission to the waterfall. It had got very hot on the walk, so we cooled down with a beer, before continuing out of the back of the pub to the waterfall.

Green Dragon

We arrived a a busy time (nothing like it would be on a weekend though), so we had our picnic in a picnic area, while it quietened down. It is a short walk to the waterfall and even though there are signs along the way, saying do not walk behind the falls, there was a man behind the falls as we arrived. Just after he left, there was a rock fall where he had been standing, he will not even know how lucky or stupid he was, as he had gone before it happened.


Then it was back to the pub for another beer, before walking back the same way we came but with a slight detour to photo some bridges. My feet were very painful by the time we got back, so we didn't go into town on the night, we just watched a film in he van instead.

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